EOM Welcome!

We are looking for business partners that will help us perform localization and/or represent our product in their Country. Depending on the business arrangement, some of our partners can become exclusive Azan's distributors in their Country (area).
Under certain conditions, we will be able to enter into an OEM agreements including all of the customization options described in the OEMs.

We offers numerous business opportunities for companies willing to promote our products. The unique opportunity includes to acquire our bakery products according to your specific requirements. The products will be delivered promptly on easy terms and with flexible cooperation from our experienced staff.

We offer several options for the modification of the rusks. These options range from the simple incorporation of your company name and logo into the packaging, all the way up to customizing the taste some of the ingredients to match your specific local taste.

Take a glimpse on the actual packaging of our famous Wholemeal Round Rusks for one of the Middle East country under OEM business partnership.

Please call us - AZAN MARKETING, should you require further information on the subject matter.